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Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing

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Art Conservation Framers specialize in Conservation Quality picture framing and DecoratorStandard picture framing and can advise you on which type is most appropriate for your artwork. Our experience has shown us that the most common cause of damage to artwork is poor quality framing, - specifically by the use of incompatible materials and non-reversible techniques.

For precious, valuable or sentimental items we can offer acid free mounts to protect your artwork. Also available is special glass, designed to filter out U.V. light, to prevent fading. Not cheap, but for an irreplaceable item, perhaps a must.

Art Conservation Framers aim is to -

  • Understand the unique conservation requirements of your artwork.
  • Recommend the best materials & techniques to preserve your artwork.
  • Recommend Decorator Framing when your artwork has no conservation requirements.
  • Design a framing solution that is artistically harmonious and historically accurate for your artwork.